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BA, Air France to Stop Flights to Iran

By John Lee. British Airways (BA) and Air France have both announced that they will stop flying to Iran in September, saying that the routes are “not commercially viable.” According to a BBC report, the reintroduction of US sanctions has caused a slump in the value of the Iranian rial, making it harder for Iranians […]

Air France reduces Iran Flights

By John Lee. Air France is reported to be cutting its Joon service between Paris and Tehran to the summer season only. According to a report from Reuters, the company blames weak demand since it began operations two years ago. It’s Joon subsidiary was launched in December 2017 and is aimed at young people. (Source: […]

Air France propels debate over veil in Iran

By Zahra Alipour, for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. After protests by Air France’s female flight attendants over having to wear the obligatory veil on Iranian soil, the company announced that it will no longer be mandatory for them to serve on flights […]

Air France to Resume Direct Flights to Tehran Sunday

The French airline company, Air France, will resume direct flights to Tehran on Sunday following the removal of anti-Tehran sanctions. According to a report carried by the Financial Times on Friday, “Air France is set to resume Paris-Tehran flights on Sunday”. The resumption of a thrice-weekly service between Paris and Tehran is planned for April 17 […]

Air France Crew Allowed to Refuse to work Iran Route

By John Lee. Associated Press reports that Air France will allow female flight attendants to refuse to work the company’s new route to Iran, for which they must wear a headscarf on their arrival in Tehran. They must also wear the uniform’s long-sleeved jacket and trousers, rather than a knee-length dress. Employees who don’t want […]