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Unilever to Manufacture Food in Iran

By John Lee. Anglo-Dutch consumer goods company Unilever reportedly plans to set up a joint venture in Iran to make and market food in the country. The deal with local food group Golestan would see the venture will “develop, manufacture, market and sell new brands and line of food products in Iran market as part […]

Iran to buy 120,000 Tons of Soymeal

Iranian state-owned animal feed importer SLAL has agreed to purchase around 120,000 tons of soymeal in an international tender at the weekend, European traders said on Monday. Traders said the sale was said to have been made by a small trading house believed to be from Russia, according to Reuters. “The main grain houses did […]

Long road ahead for Iran’s Medicinal Plants Industry

By Maysam Bizaer for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. The world has seen great advances in medicine in recent centuries, leading to the discovery and manufacture of numerous types of drugs to cure diseases. Yet many around the world still prefer to use plants and natural […]

Iran to transfer Vegetable Farms to Greenhouses

By John Lee. Iran reportedly plans to transfer all vegetable farms to greenhouses within the next 10 years. The Ministry of Agriculture intends to increase the country’s greenhouse area to more than 48,000 hectares by the end of 2025, up from 12,157 hectares currently. It expects to produce 21 million tons of agro products annually […]

Indian Wheat Reaches Afghanistan via Iranian Port

Afghanistan has received an inaugural consignment of wheat from India through Iran’s strategic port of Chabahar, opening a new trade and transit route for the landlocked nation that bypasses neighboring Pakistan, a report said. The shipment of almost 15,000 tons of wheat dispatched from India’s western port of Kandla on October 29 reached the Iranian […]

EU Visitor Impressed by Iran’s Progress in Food Industry

A member of a visiting delegation from the European Union said she was impressed by the level of standard of certain sectors of the food industry in Iran, hailing the country’s advances despite foreign sanctions. A 70-strong delegation from the European Union, led by the EU’s Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, is […]

New Career Opportunities in Iran

By John Lee. The United Nations has advertised new jobs in Iran: Assistant Wheat Breeder/Assistant Agronomist, CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Hub Manager, CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Wheat Breeder, CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Regional Platforms Manager, CIMMYT – International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (Source: […]

Video: Iran’s Flower Industry set to Bloom Globally

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. For years, barriers to international trade have held Iranian businesses from blossoming. But now Iranian florists are hoping seeds of success may lie in a global industry worth $104bn a year. Al Jazeera‘s […]

Iranian Official Urges Enhanced Economic Ties with Iraq

Chairman of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce Yahya Ale-Ishaq has hailed the political ties between Tehran and Baghdad, saying the two sides’ economic ties should also be strengthened. Speaking in a forum of Iranian and Iraqi traders, Al-e Eshaq said the economic relations between Tehran and Baghdad have not developed on par with the political and […]

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Iran may Import Belarusian Beef

By John Lee. Iran may import beef from Belarus. According to a report from BelTA, Belarus’ Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo said he has discussed supplying beef to Iran with representatives of the Iranian veterinary service and deputy ministers. “They are interested in it,” Igor Brylo said. (Source: BelTA) (Picture credit: Tasnim, under […]

Video: Iran “Reduces Water Supply” over Iraqi Kurd Vote

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. While Iraq has taken measures against its semi-autonomous Kurdish region for last month’s secession vote, Kurdish farmers say they’re also being punished by neighbouring Iran. They say Tehran has stemmed the flow of […]

Iran, France Sign 4 Agricultural Cooperation Documents

Iran and France on Friday signed four cooperation documents for improving the cooperation between the two countries’ agricultural sectors. The cooperation documents were singed between the Iranian and French companies in fields of agriculture and animal husbandry in a ceremony held in the presence of Iran’s Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati and his French counterpart Stéphane […]

Ukraine eyes Boosting Agricultural Trade with Iran

A Ukrainian official said the country’s Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry expects Kiev’s agricultural trade with Tehran to increase to $1 billion by the end of 2017. Vasyl Antonenko, the chief specialist of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation department of the International Cooperation Department of Ukraine’s Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry, said this during […]

Rouhani leads Iran’s Return to Wheat Exports

By Maysam Bizaer for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. Iran is among the top wheat consumers in the world. Consumption per capita in the country is estimated at 167.6 kilograms (369 pounds) per year, almost three times the global average of some 67 kilograms […]

MPs to Examine Water Supply Problems

MPs to Examine Water Supply Problems Created by Neighbors Iranian lawmakers plan to establish “the water security committee” to examine the issue of building dams on rivers flowing into Iran by some neighboring countries, a member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission announced. Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Abolfazl Hassanbeigi said […]

Iran, France to cooperate on Shrimp Production

By John Lee. Iran and France have reportedly signed a deal to cooperate on the production and export of 1,000 tons per year of shrimp from Iran. According to a report from Xinhua, the contract between Iran’s Hormoz Dam Company and the French Crusta’C and Du Ble Au Soleil SASU companies is worth $20 million. […]

Record High Temperatures in Iran

Temperatures in the southwestern city of Ahvaz hit 53.7°C (128.7 degrees Fahrenheit) on Thursday, with another source citing 129.2 degrees F. If confirmed, this would arguably tie for the hottest temperature ever measured on Earth in modern times, according to a report from The Independent. The Iranian cabinet decided on Wednesday to authorise banks, state […]

Strengthening Efforts to Combat Desertification

Iran and UNDP Strengthen Efforts to Combat Desertification Today, around the world, over 250 million people are directly affected by desertification. About 1 billion people – in over 110 countries – are currently at risk of its consequences. Here in Iran, the level of desertification is “high”.  Over 20 per cent of the country’s land […]

Qatar Says in Talks with Iran on Food Supplies

A Qatari official said Doha is in negotiations with Tehran and Ankara to secure its food and water supplies after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate (UAE) cut trade and diplomatic ties with the Persian Gulf Arab state. “We are in talks with Turkey and Iran and other countries,” said the official, speaking on […]

Iran seeks 30k tonnes Soybean Oil

Iran’s Government Trading Corporation (GTC), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad of I.R. of Iran, is considering the purchase of 30,000 + 10 MTS of crude degummed soybean oil through a one step international tender. All of the qualified and interested companies are invited to receive tender documents from Saturday, June 10, 2017 […]