Iran sitting on 200 Undeveloped Oil/Gas Reservoirs

There are currently over 200 undeveloped oil and gas reservoirs in Iran, an official has said.

According to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Director of NIOC’s Integrated Planning Karim Zobeidi said that a total of 42.4% of Iran’s oil reservoirs and 10% of the gas reservoirs have been depleted so far.

Speaking on Monday at Amir Kabir University of Technology, the official said that there were 125 oilfields and 59 gas fields in the country, adding there are now more than 200 undeveloped reservoirs in Iran.

He stated that Iran’s oil and gas reservoirs and fields have a high capacity for research studies.

“Currently, most of Iran’s oil production is from the Asmari and Bangestan reservoirs of Ahvaz Oilfield, which has 70 billion barrels of oil in place,” he said.

Zobeidi added that Gachsaran, Rag Sefid, Bibi Hakimeh, Parsi and Aghajari fields are other major oil fields in Iran, and said: “It should be noted that high production requires continuous investment and exploitation of the latest technologies; in this regard, it is necessary to promote efficiency of activities by conducting research activities.”

He stated that currently the average production rate of hydrocarbon fields in the world was nearly 35 percent, almost 10 percent higher than that in Iran.

(Source: Shana)

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