Iran, Ireland eye Increased Cooperation

By John Lee.

The Iranian Ambassador to Dublin, Javad Kachouiyan, and the Chairman of Ireland’s Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Brendan Smith (pictured), have met to exchange views on promoting cooperation in all fields, including information technology (IT), renewable energies, medicines, medical equipment, food and agricultural technology, leasing, aviation equipment and services and the provision of banking facilities.

At the meeting, Ireland’s Minister of State for Employment and Small Businesses, Pat Breen, described Iran as a significant and strategic country in the region which boasts of its extensive capacities in different fields, according to Mehr News.

Ambassador Kachouiyan called on Irish firms to play an active role in promoting collaboration between the two countries.

(Source: Mehr News)

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  1. Visitor 2nd August 2018 at 1:57 pm #

    Your country should invest massively in two domains :
    1- solar refrigerated containers or solar reefers.
    The cost of a 20ft Solar Powered Refrigerated Reefer Container is around US $19,000.
    2- Using solar energy to desalinate sea water.
    in Marakesh ( Morocco) the first solar-powered desalination plant started working in 2018 ( it can desalinate five cubic metres of sea water per hour using only the energy of the sun).

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