IKD to make 15,000 Commercial Vehicles this Year

According to Iran Khodro Diesel‘s CEO, 15,000 commercial vehicles will be produced to join Iranian commercial fleet this year.

Referring to the sanctions’ conditions this year, IKD CEO highlighted the ability and capacity of his company to domestically produce vehicles and added:

“The commercial vehicles’ powertrains will be supplied by Iranian companies including IDEM, Charkheshgar, Mehvar Khodro, and Khavar Parts Co. with highest level of localization, thereby, it seems sanctions won’t be much effective.

“Based on this program, we will introduce two models of the wagon hood vehicles to join our commercial fleet; this itself will boost the production of IKD subsidiaries and suppliers.”

Saji said the decline in the number of products during last year was due to focusing on quality improvement and implementation of product improvement programs with the cooperation of technology companies, saying that this year, production will flourish and products with euro-4 emission standards will be manufactured.

He also emphasized, “Since the beginning of the year, with the supply of parts needed, the production has reached a relatively favorable condition, thereby in the first half of the year we are going to succeed in achieving the goals set.

Referring to Arisun’s production program in IKD, he said: “We might boost this pickup’s production capacity by 20,000 sets this year”.

He argued that Iran Khodro Diesel is the only commercial vehicle producer that, having the necessary capacity and expertise, will be able to more easily withstand the sanctions and the future financial and currency constraints

(Source: IKCO)

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