6000 IKCO Cars to Be Dispatched to Iraq

Iraq‘s car market is one of IKCO‘s best export targets and the company is planning on shipping 6000 sets of cars as Samand, Soren, Peugeot Pars and Dena to this market.

Hassan Golchubian, IKCO’s Exports Director for Middle East and Africa asserted, “Considering the export markets’ demand for cars with automatic gearboxes, IKCO has set to dispatch automated cars, while most of IKCO customers from neighboring Arab countries demand so.”

“One of the cars in demand in target markets is IKCO Dena+, and we plan to supply our target markets with this car that also enjoys automatic gearbox,” he added.

Golchubian also reiterated that Nigerian market has been identified as one of the most profitable export markets for IKCO, however, the company will initiate exporting to this country after the barriers are removed.

“Given Omani people’s good reception of IKCO cars, two or three models of automatic cars will be dispatched to Omani market this year, which will be a major step forward developing the company’s market in neighboring countries,” IKCO’s Export Director for Middle East & Africa claimed.

According to Golchubian the company is after boosting its share in the Middle East, offering favorable after-sales facilities and services.

(Source: IKCO)

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