Sukhoi to Sell SuperJets to Iran despite Sanctions

Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft said it would continue to cooperate with Iranian airlines within the framework of interim agreements on the delivery of SSJ100R passenger aircraft, despite the re-implosion of US sanctions against Iran.

“The Sukhoi Civil Aircraft will continue to work with Iranian airlines under the preliminary agreements signed at the Eurasia Air Show in April 2018. According to the agreements, the parties are studying in detail the possibility of supplying an updated version of the aircraft — SSJ100R, which is implemented under the program of import substitution of the SSJ100 components,” the company’s press service announced on Saturday, Sputnik news reported.

According to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft President Alexander Rubtsov, the SSJ100R modification will be built without US-made components to avoid contract obstacles posed by the US sanctions.

The Russian company recently signed memorandums of understanding on the delivery of 40 Sukhoi SSJ100R passenger planes to two Iranian airlines until 2022.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday pulled the US out of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran an world powers that had allowed the removal of certain sanctions against the country.

Trump also signed a presidential memo to reinstate the nuclear-related sanctions that would include restrictions on the sales of planes and parts to Iran.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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