Video: Will US withdraw from Nuclear Deal?

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France and the United States have a long history that goes back centuries.

From the American revolutionary war to the Statue of Liberty – the two countries have had strong cultural and political ties. French President Emmanuel Macron is hoping to build on that special bond, during his three-day state visit to Washington DC.

And Donald Trump has rolled out the red-carpet. But beyond the handshakes, smiles and lavish ceremonies, there are serious policy disagreements including the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which could threaten to put a strain on the special relationship.

Trump says he wants to withdraw from the agreement, while France and other European nations are urging him to stick with the deal. Iran, for its part, says if the US withdraws, it too will likely abandon the agreement.

So, can Macron convince Trump to remain in the Iran deal?


  • Jane Dutton


  • Hamed Mousevi – Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tehran University.
  • Hillary Mann Leverett – A former State Department diplomat who negotiated with Iran.
  • Oliver McGee – A former White House Senior Science & Technology Policy Advisor.


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