15 Projects with over $880m Credit in Hormozgan

President’s arrived at Hormozgan Airport minutes ago to meet with people and open a number of industrial and construction projects in the southern province.

Upon arrival at Bandar Abbas International Airport, Dr Hassan Rouhani was welcomed by the Supreme Leader’s Representative to Hormozgan province Ayatollah Gholamali Naeim Abadi, Governor General of Hormozgan province Fereydoun Hemmati, and a number of senior local officials.

Speaking to the reporters at the airport, Dr Rouhani said:

“I am happy that today, as the third provincial visit of the 12th Government, I am in Hormozgan province and Bandar Abbas city as one of the most important and strategic ports of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The people of Hormozgan have always been good defenders for the Iranian land and have stood up against colonialism,” the President added.

President is scheduled to meet and address the people of the province at Bandar Abbas’ Takhti Stadium and open a number of industrial and construction projects.

The President also expressed hope that by putting the projects into operation, further development and progress can be witnessed in the province.

Meeting with the elite and attending the meeting of the Administrative Council of the province, and a news conference are on Dr Rouhani’s agenda for this two-day visit to Hormozgan.

Also during the visit of the president to Hormozgan province, 30 projects will be put into operation with a credit of over $880m.

(Source: Office of the President)

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