Ahmadinejad moves to Target Influential Iranian Political Family

This approach gained him considerable admiration, especially among the lower classes of Iranian society. At the same time, he tried to instill a belief in society that his presence on the political stage had created fear in the established centers of power and wealth.

After Rafsanjani died in January of this year, Ahmadinejad turned his focus to the Larijanis and tried to use the same strategy. Thus, it did not come as a surprise when on Nov. 15, during a speech at the Shah Abdol-Azim shrine, Ahmadinejad said, “We are against the Larijani family. … We don’t want the country to fall into their hands. … [They] pressure people and bow to foreigners.”

Ahmadinejad’s emphasis on the Larijani family and not just the judiciary chief or the parliament speaker stems from his old strategy of attempting to target a specific political family and holding it responsible for the ills of society.

It seems that for now Ahmadinejad has no intentions of leaving this path, perhaps realizing that it is likely his only ticket to renewed political relevance. As such, the former president is continuing to portray himself as a victim who, along with the public, plans to fight against the established and powerful families in Iranian politics.

Indeed, in another video posted on Dolat-e Bahar on Nov. 23, Ahmadinejad intensified his attacks on the Larijanis. He also accused the judiciary of injustice, claiming it was pressuring him and his allies due to personal animosities.

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