Ahmadinejad moves to Target Influential Iranian Political Family

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Once again, Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made headlines following his controversial remarks targeting judiciary chief Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani and his brother, parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

The war of words illustrates yet again Ahmadinejad’s typical strategy, which is to attack influential political families to gain more popularity with the public. Thus, his latest attacks on the Larijani clan can be viewed as a new chapter in the activities of a man whose political life relies on attacking others.

Several figures close to the former president have either been convicted or are facing pending trials over financial corruption charges. Ahmadinejad, however, claims the judiciary is using politics to pressure him and his allies.

In an open letter dated Oct. 26, he criticized the summoning of his former deputy Hamid Baghaei and the legal procedure against Baghaei, accusing judiciary officials of using their powers as a “tool at the service of their personal ends.” Baghaei was Ahmadinejad’s deputy from 2011-13; Ahmadinejad was president from 2005-13.

The letter was not the first time Ahmadinejad criticized the judiciary. In a previous letter addressed to Ayatollah Larijani on Sept. 25, Ahmadinejad wrote, “Your brother [Ali Larijani] is planning to run in the 2021 presidential elections, and he apparently sees me as the main obstacle in this path. Why should we [Ahmadinejad and his associates] be the victims of his political agenda?”

Meanwhile, in a video posted on his unofficial website Dolat-e Bahar on Nov. 16, Ahmadinejad unleashed his harshest criticisms against Iran’s judiciary as well as the legislature. In the clip, Ahmadinejad openly accused the Larijani brothers of having colluded to topple his administration during his second term as president.

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