Earthquake Response shows Iranians’ Nationalism, Mistrust of Authorities

Why do so many Iranians prefer to make their donations through private organizations or even individuals instead of government-affiliated organizations?

Leila Ashouri, a sociology lecturer at Tehran University, told Al-Monitor, “News stories of billion toman embezzlements in some government organizations have worried many people, and so they prefer to transfer their donations to the victims via figures they trust. At the same time, some individuals and celebrities are using the current situation to create a more favorable image and position for themselves in society. Of course, there are some like Daei and Zibakalam who do not need such attention. But we have seen others who are using the situation to make their mark by taking pictures and sharing them on social media.”

With the severity of the damage caused by the recent earthquake, which completely destroyed some villages, what seems to be of urgent need for the victims are perhaps temporary shelters followed by the rebuilding of their homes. This is something that government organizations can take care of better than can individual figures or celebrities.

(Picture Credit: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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