RIPI signs deal with Germany’s Raschig

Iran’s Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany’s Raschig for technology transfer and training.

The deal was signed on Monday by Mansour Bazmi, head of RIPI’s technology and international relations department, and Michael Schultes, the company’s Technical Director, at RIPI’s headquarters in Tehran.

The deal concerns RIPI-Raschig cooperation in distillation towers in oil industry.

Dr. Fritz Raschig (1863-1928), founder of Raschig Gmbh in 1891, invented the RASCHIG-RING mass transfer tower packing. This packing allowed for greatly improved process efficiencies in his plant.

Dr. Raschig specialized in phenol chemistry and patented a number of chemical production processes in his career.

Interestingly Dr. Raschig earned his doctorate in chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Robert Bunsen. Dr. Bunsen is famous for the ‘bunsen burner’ he invented. Dr. Bunsen also was the first chemist to identify the elements Cesium (Cs, Atomic Number 55) and Rubidium (Rb, Atomic Number 37). He would be remembered as a Nobel Prize winner except for the fact that his career came before the Nobel prize was first awarded.

Today Raschig-USA is part of a global team of dedicated and widely experienced mass transfer and chemical separations specialists. The USA headquarters is located in Arlington, Texas in the midcities area of the Dallas / Fort Worth megalopolis.

Production facilities are located in El Dorado, Kansas, Dallas and in Mexico. Our partner firm is located in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany – at the same site that Dr. Raschig built his chemical plant over 100 years ago.

(Source: Shana)

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