Iran files Lawsuit against Telegram founder

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The Telegram messaging application is the most popular mobile software in Iran, but it has always been on the verge of being blocked for various reasons.

Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi, Tehran’s prosecutor general, has announced that the Iranian judiciary has filed a lawsuit against the manager of Telegram, a decision that may be the first phase of new attempts at blocking Telegram.

Pavel Durov, who is called the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia, is a Russian entrepreneur and the manager of Telegram, which is headquartered in Berlin.

Dolatabadi stated Sept. 26: “A lawsuit has been filed against the Telegram manager, and this case has been referred to the International Affairs [section] of the Tehran Court.” Adding, “Telegram has become an appropriate platform for the activities of organized criminal groups, in addition to providing services to terrorist groups, including Daesh [Islamic State], and promoting child pornography, human trafficking and narcotics trafficking.”

On July 26, Abdolsamad Khoram Abadi, a deputy of Iran’s prosecutor general, said, “Daesh carried out all its coordination for the terrorist attack on [Iranian] parliament through Telegram,” referring to the two terrorist attacks that were simultaneously executed on June 7 by five terrorists in Tehran, resulting in the deaths of more than 17 people.

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