Iran Sees Japan as Strong Trade Partner

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hailed the recent agreements signed with Japan, saying the two countries can forge a strong political and economic partnership given the high level of security and stability in Iran.

The Iranian foreign minister and the Japanese prime minister’s envoy, Masahiko Komura, discussed a range of issues in a meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.

During the talks, Zarif referred to the agreements signed between Tehran and Tokyo on the expansion of economic ties including the recent deals on financing energy projects in Iran, and expressed the hope that Japan would turn into a strong partner for Iran in such fields as transportation, energy, and oil and gas.

“The two sides are making preparations to achieve the goal, and we believe Iran and Japan can become good partners in politics and economy,” the Foreign Ministry’s official website quoted Zarif as saying.

He then called Iran the most stable, secure and democratic state in the Middle East region, adding that securing the mutual interests of the two sides requires Japan’s more active and constructive presence in the Islamic Republic.

Zarif also stressed that Iran has based its main principles on opposition to any use of nuclear weapons or threats. He then called for the peaceful settlement of differences and underlined the need for cooperation among main regional players to resolve the current tensions.

For his part, the Japanese PM’s envoy and vice-president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party expressed satisfaction with his visit to Iran and the political and economic talks with the Iranian officials.

Komura then praised Iran’s regional role and said Japan respects the Islamic Republic of Iran for living up to its commitments.

He also said preparations to establish lines of credit between the two sides are at their final stages, and once the LCs are finalized, the Iran-Japan economic ties would enter a new phase.

Komura also referred to the ongoing crisis on the Korean peninsula, and expressed his deep concern about the complicated developments regarding North Korea.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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