Iranian Labour Market on Path to Gender Transformation

Vahideh Negin, the women’s affairs adviser to the labor and social welfare minister, has also been quoted by the semi-official Iranian Students’ News Agency on July 22 as saying that the Rouhani administration will take into consideration meritocracy to recruit people, and that it therefore “is expected that more women will take jobs, especially high managerial and decision-making posts.”

The Vice Presidency for Women’s and Family Affairs also plans to outline strategies for how to improve the situation of women in terms of education, social welfare, legal issues and employment over the next four years. These strategies, in essence, seek to decrease gender discrimination, which is widely seen as the root cause of the inequality women face in the labor market.

As seen over the past three years, the employment trend is changing in favor of women. This trajectory appears set to continue. Indeed, government projections indicate that women’s share of the Iranian labor force could increase to as high as 45% over the next decade. Nonetheless, for now, it remains to be seen whether the planned strategies can pave the way for long-term change for Iranian women.

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