Iran Khodro signs Deal with Hyundai

The CEO of Iran Khodro Diesel (IKD) has announced that his company has restarted cooperation with Hyundai of South Korea.

Aliraza Sajedi said:

“As one of the oldest partners of Hyundai Company in commercial vehicles, Iran Khodro Diesel Company is going to produce Hyundai’s latest vehicles for Iran’s market.

“As always, cooperation with prominent carmakers has been IKD’s focus. This is why we have renewed our deal with Hyundai; diversified portfolio is our target.”

Signing the contract, Edward Lee, Hyundai CEO in Commercial Vehicles, said Hyundai has ready to fully cooperate with IKD.

The Hyundai-IKD new deal includes production of various urban and intercity buses, mini-buses and mini-trucks.

IKD, commercial vehicle producer of IKCO, manufactures various types of buses, mini-buses, trucks, mini-trucks and pickups. Mercedes Benz and Hyundai have been IKD’s partners in commercial vehicle production.

(Source: IKCO)

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