Largest Solar Power Plant in North Khorasan

The Minister of Energy has launched the construction of  a 30-megawatt solar power plant in Jajarm city, North Khorasan Province.

According to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SATBA), Minister Chitchian mentioned that this project could be a stepping stone to developing larger renewable projects.

His Excellency pointed out to the benefits of developing clean and renewable power plants such as having access to renewable power plants in all parts of the country, environment protection, no need to have transmission and distribution lines and job creation.

He also noted that clear and encouraging rules for investment in the field of renewable energies is one of the reasons that several investors are interested to invest. The minister added that up to now 3 billion and 600 million dollars is recorded for investment requests in this field that has the largest share of foreign investment.

The deputy minister and head of SATBA and a group of officials accompanied the Minister of Energy.

Up to now two 7 MW solar power plants with total capacity of 14 MW in Hamedan and one 10 MW power plant in Isfahan have been operating, and nother 7 MW power plant in Hamedan and 20 MW power plant in kerman will be operating in near future.

(Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization)

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