Jury finds US may seize Iran-Linked Office Tower

A jury in New York has found that the US government may seize a Manhattan office building from a nonprofit foundation accused of violating US sanctions against Iran.

The court found that the Alavi Foundation, majority owner of the office tower, knew that its partner and the building’s minority owner, Assa Corp, was a front for Iran, and helped conceal the fact.

Jurors said the government had proven that the property was involved in or traceable to money laundering.

Founded in 1973, the Alavi Foundation describes its mission as promoting the study of Persian and Islamic culture in the United States, and also funds schools and free clinics.

John Gleeson, a former federal judge who represented the foundation at trial, said:

“The Alavi Foundation is disappointed by today’s verdict and by the court’s decision in the related cases and is considering its options.”

(Sources: Tasnim, Reuters)

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