Iran’s Iron Ore Concentrate Production Up 43%

By John Lee.

Major Iranian iron ore companies produced 6,053,900 tonnes of iron ore concentrate during the two-month period from 20th March to 21st May 2017, a 43 percent increase on the 4,225,579 tonnes produced in the corresponding period of last year.

Gol-e-Gohar Company ranked first with production of 2,140,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate. Second and third places went to Chadormalu and Central Iron Ore companies with production of 1,650,000 tonnes and 718,000 tonnes respectively.

Granulated iron ore production fell 6 percent to 1,015,000 tonnes, produced by six major iron ore companies.

Central iron ore produced 332,000 tonnes. Jalal abad Company and Iran Central Plateau Iron Ore Mines Complex ranked in second and third place with production of 225,000 and 170,000 tonnes respectively. Sangan, Chadormalu and Mishdowan companies produced 153,000; 173,000; and 60,00 tonnes of granulated iron ore respectively.

(Source: IMIDRO)

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