South Yaran to Commence Early Production

Kazemeini referred to the conclusion of operations for the drilling of 18 wells in South Yaran, saying the completion and installation of completion strings in 15 wells were over.
“At present, three drilling rigs are operating in the Yaran area and the drilling operations for the 18 wells are projected to be over” by March, he said.

He referred to financial shortages and absence of reservoir data as reasons for the delay in operating South Yaran. He added that financial restrictions were over and after drilling completion, early oil production from South Yaran would start with a capacity of 10,000 b/d.

Oil Layers’ Reassessment

Kazemeini also referred to the new mission of PEDEC for the reassessment of oil layers, saying: “In order to assess the Ilam, Sarvak and Gadvan layers, two wells were drilled in the north of the field. After testing the wells, the production capacity of these layers would be reexamined.”

Due to the location of this field in Hoor al-Azim Lagoon, all activities are done in compliance with standards set by the Department of the Environment and in coordination with relevant bodies in Dasht-e Azadegan and the provincial environmental protection agency in Khuzestan Province.

The wastes from drilling rigs has fallen to zero and regular monitoring of contactors, keeping the lagoon untouched, placing landfills outside the area of the lagoon, drawing up PMAs and installation of culverts are among other measures conducted for the protection of the environment in Hoor al-Azim. All surface and subsurface activities are also done based on standards.

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