Iran Launches Foreign Investment Plan for Steel Sector

The first foreign investment plan for the steel sector waws inaugurated in Eshtehard Industrial Park with the attendance of Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and chairman of the board of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO).

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, deputies of Industry, Mine and Trade Minister, Alborz Governor general, Eshtehard Governor, Head of mines and industries commission in parliament, some top managers of Danieli and managers of some steel companies also attended the opening ceremony.

Industrial machines in steel sector and also in other heavy and huge industries will be designed and manufactured in this plant, Nematzadeh expressed in inauguration ceremony of manufacturing and service center of Danieli Persia in Eshtehard Industrial Park.

Hailing Iranian government’s policy of moderation and engagement with world countries, he said that today Iran has activated both its centrifuges and the wheel of its economy.

He added that Iran has attracted over $5.5 billion in industry and mining sector after removing sanctions.

During the opening ceremony, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO noted the cooperation of IMIDRO and foreign companies and announced that vast part of facilities, machines and steel accessories will be produced in Danieli manufacturing unit in Iran.

Based on the report, construction of this plant with 70 million euros investment will lead to 200 employments.

Now, IMIDRO and Danieli are cooperating in steel plant construction in Chabahar free zone. This plan is one of the achievements of president Rouhani’s Travel to Italy.

(Source: IMIDRO)

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