Imports and Exports Increased, China is Main Partner

Iran’s non-crude-oil exports grew by 3.54 percent in the year ended 20th March 2017, reaching $43.930 billion.

During the period, imports increased 5.16 percent to $43.684 billion.

Main export items

During the period under consideration, the main export items consisted of gas condensate with value of $7.320 billion, light oils and products except gasoline ($2.479 billion), liquefied natural gases ($2.079 billion), liquefied propane ($1.222 billion), and petroleum gases and liquefied hydrocarbon gases ($1.204 billion).

Main import items

The main imports during the year were corn for feeding animals ($1.413 billion), soy bean ($909 million), motor vehicles with cylinder capacity of 1500-2000cc ($893 million),  separate parts and segments for passenger car manufacturing ($782 million), and rice ($690 million).

Main importers

China accounted for non-oil exports of $8.377 billion, UAE $7.436 billion, Iraq $6.111 billion, Turkey $3.244 billion, and Republic of Korea $2.877 billion.

Main exporters

As for imports, China was top with $10.753, UAE with $6.407 billion, Republic of Korea $3.460 billion, Turkey $2.738 billion, and Germany with $2.537 billion.

(Source: Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration – IRICA)

(Picture: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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