Iran Eyes 0.5m bdp of Crude from West Karoon

Iran will be recovering over half a million barrels per day of crude oil by late-June 2017, a senior Iranian oil official said.

Managing Director of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) Nouredding Shahnazizadeh said Iran’s total crude oil production from South and North Azadegan, South and North Yatan, Yadavaran and Darkhowin oilfields will reach 500,000 barrels per day during spring 2017.

He said production of oil from South Azadegan oilfield will reach 110,000 b/d at its pre-startup phase.

Furthermore, he added, production of oil from South Yaran will reach 10,000 b/d by June, while production at North Azadegan, Yadavaran, North Yaran and Darkhowin will respectively reach 75,000 b/d, 110,000 b/d, 30,000b/d and 160,000 b/d by then.

West Karoon oilfields are being developed for production of 1.2 mbd, Shahnazizadeh further said.

(Source: Shana)

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