Iran to Remain A Committed Supporter of ECO: FM Zarif

Distinguished Friends,

As a member-driven organization, no success in the ECO can be envisaged unless all Member States are actively involved. The “less than full membership” arrangements or agreements have revealed their negative structural and institutional impacts on the Organization. We need to have all Member States on broad; while ECO in return needs to prove that it works for the whole membership. There has been a clear request by Member States that ECO should now focus on projects and programs which bring about maximum economic benefits to the Member States and the Region as a whole. ECO needs to prove its added value for each and every single Member State, enhancing the sense of ownership among them. Conversely, we, the Member States, should lend our full support to the Organization and its activities.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to continue its unwavering support for the ECO. We believe that the Economic Cooperation Organization is by far the best option for cooperation among the countries of the Region. We firmly believe ECO-sponsored regionalism not only improves prospects for individual and collective economic development, but enhances political and security relations among the Member States. We can ensure a more stable, peaceful and resilient community of countries through ECO’s cooperation and integration schemes, uplifting also our capacities to respond individually and collectively to the challenges and vulnerabilities.

Let me conclude by assuring the new ECO chairmanship, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, of the full support of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will also continue our advocacy policy towards the Secretary General and the ECO Secretariat to accomplish their critical role in initiating, implementing and monitoring the activities within the Organization.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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