Iran to Remain A Committed Supporter of ECO: FM Zarif

Dear Colleagues

At the end of my tenure as the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, I would like to briefly share with you my views about the ECO as it stands now and as it ventures ahead to play a large role in the future of relations among our countries. In the 32nd COM Meeting in November 3124, and in the “Tehran Communiqué”, the Ministers clearly indicated that continued regional cooperation within ECO framework would require, first and foremost, enhanced institutional and operational capacities in the Organization, enabling it to respond in a timely and effective manner to the needs and aspirations of the Member States. Accordingly, the imperative of reform attained momentum, which was reinforced further by the evolving global trends in the context of the post-3122 global development agenda.

Notwithstanding the pending reforms and changes, the corresponding roadmap is now developed: the new “ECO Vision 3132″. Member States, assisted by the Secretariat, have charted the “Vision” which lays out the ECO goals and programs in the coming decade. The “Vision”, along with its associated plans for action, is expected to drive us towards further regional integration and cohesion. If it happens, ECO will celebrate an important milestone in its three-decade history of evolution. Ensuring that the “Vision” and other such frameworks will deliver their expected output, in a timely and effective way, predominantly requires a new regional economic architecture for cooperation and integration within the ECO. This should be based on a development paradigm and supported by fitting economic growth models for our Region. I firmly believe that ECO should invest more time and energy to carefully devise Vision’s implementation frameworks and mechanisms, and to ensure conducive policy environment for its realization.

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