Bitzer Establishes Subsidiary in Iran

By John Lee.

A specialist in refrigeration compressors has announced that it is expanding its presence in Iran.

German company Bitzer said it as been “well represented in the Iranian market for decades“, with up to 500,000 running compressors now in use, but now it is establishing its own subsidiary that reports to Dubai.

However, “experienced sales partners who are very familiar with local conditions will continue to ensure the high presence of Bitzer compressors in the Iranian market.”

Managing Director Stefan Leitl said:

Bitzer doesn’t receive direct orders in Iran and this will not change in the future. As always, our reliable sales partners will be responsible for processing orders.

“Over the decades, we’ve managed to establish a close relationship built on trust with our business partners, as we’ve always been available to provide our users with support, including in challenging political times.

“To ensure future success and, for instance, enable Bitzer to expand its position in the transport industry and give support to other OEMs who import our compressors installed in their systems, we’re opening up the Bitzer Iranian subsidiary.

“We have every confidence in the future potential of Iran and would therefore like to get to know the market even better and establish a personal presence.

With high technical standards and a growing population, Bitzer firmly believes in Iran as one of the most important future markets, adding that “the Iranian market offers enormous opportunities for intelligent energy-efficient products“.

The new subsidiary will be headed by local representative Sobhan Katebifar (pictured).

(Source: Bitzer)

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