No Better Time than Today to Invest in Iran

By Padraig O’Hannelly.

A major investment summit on Iran was held on Monday at London’s Great Connaught Rooms, with participation from a wide range of international companies and institutions.

Showcase Iran 2016, hosted by Frontier Exchange and the Intelligent Persian Corporation (IPC), and with media partnership from Iran Business News, featured presentations and lively discussions on such topics as the changing investment landscape in Iran, the importance of due diligence and KYC (know your customer), and the possible implications of the Trump presidency in the United States.

Among the many speakers were Alexander Keya, Director at EY; Shahrzad Atai, Head of Middle East Desk, Child & Child; Charles Blackmore, CEO of Audere International; Faisal Ayub, Business Development Manager, C6 Group; Barbara Pinzan, Managing Founder, Pinzan & Associates; Julian Lynn, UK Export Finance (UKEF); Andreas Schweitzer, Senior Managing Partner, Arjan Capital; and Dominic Bokor-Ingram, Portfolio Manager, Charlemagne Capital.

Although many deals have already been done in Iran, according to one experienced investor in the country, early mover advantage is still possible over the coming year, but that advantage will diminish over time.

And while there are clearly risks involved in doing business in any frontier market, that is the stage at which the rewards are potentially greatest; as one presenter commented, “there is no better time than today – don’t miss out!


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