Iran Khodro Sells Taxis to Ivory Coast

Iran’s leading car manufacturer, Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO), has taken the first step to renew the taxi fleet of Ivory Coast by exporting a number of its vehicles to the African country.

The delivery of a number of Samand and Runna vehicles to Ivory Coast’s Taxi Syndicate was made in a ceremony attended by high-ranking officials from Iran and Ivory Coast including transportation ministers of two sides.

Addressing the ceremony, IKCO’s representative in Abidjan, Anwar Safawi briefed the participants on the international operations of the company in Asia, Europe, Southern America and North Africa.

He also reported on the projects that IKCO is pushing ahead in Ukraine, Venezuela and Senegal.

The Minister of Transport of Ivory Coast, Gaoussou Toure, said Iran Khodro is set to renew the public transport fleet of the African country by exporting 50,000 vehicles within the next five years.

He praised the private sector of Ivory Coast for its efforts to accomplish the renewal project and called for further cooperation between public and private sectors of two sides in this field.

Iran Khodro’s decision to export vehicles to Ivory Coast is part of a larger plan to increase its share in Africa’s market.

IKCO has also conducted negotiations with a leading international car factory in Nigeria with the aim of establishing a site in the African country.

The site is expected to be set up with the investment and capacities of this African company.

(Source: IKCO)

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