Financing Arranged for Airbus Iran Deal

By John Lee.

Iran has reportedly reached a deal with the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Aerospace to finance the first 17 jets it plans to buy from Airbus.

Reuters quotes a senior Iranian official as saying, “we have a deal to finance the first 17 aircraft.

Under the deal, the leasing company would take over part of Iran’s order for dozens of new jetliners and then lease them to Iran Air.

According to the report, a similar mechanism could be used to finance a provisional order for 20 turboprops from ATR, which is half-owned by Airbus.

It adds that completing the rest of the Airbus order depends on receiving US export licenses, which is necessary because of the number of U.S. components in the aircraft. So far Airbus has licenses for 17 jets.

(Source: Reuters)

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