The Main Reason Rouhani Replaced 3 of his Ministers

According to the economic daily Donya-e Eghtesad, Rouhani’s Instagram page was repeatedly the target of critical comments by people who were unhappy with the sports minister’s performance — especially over Iran’s poor showing in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. To gain an idea of the situation, harsh criticism of the nuclear deal was nowhere near the parallel scorn heaped on national soccer team coach Carlos Queiroz over his performance.

Indeed, it appears that the outrage the president has faced over the nuclear deal is nothing compared with the pressure over the performance of his sports minister. In the end, this disapproval — and Goudarzi’s sporadic criticism of the Rouhani administration — proved to be very costly for him.

As for Rouhani’s recently resigned education minister, Fani, he was continuously on the verge of impeachment during his time in office. In fact, he was among the ministers who frequently commuted between their ministries and parliament in an effort to lobby parliament members not to impeach them. Fani hoped that the incoming, more government-friendly parliament elected on Feb. 26 would put less pressure on him, but he was wrong, as reports of embezzlement in the Teachers Reserve Fund had made his impeachment ever more pressing.

Last month, Hossein Maghsoudi, the spokesman for the parliamentary group tasked with fighting financial corruption, announced that violations had indeed taken place in the Teachers Reserve Fund. Maghsoudi said, “Clarifying the [case of corruption related to the] Teachers Reserve Fund is one of the main reasons why the education minister needs to be impeached. Investigations point to financial corruption of about 80,000 billion rials [$2.5 billion] in this fund.”

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