Danish Conglomerate to Promote Iranian Oil Upstream

Paul Munk Andersen, Deputy Managing Director of Danish conglomerate Maersk Group, says his company is ready to cooperate with Iranian companies to promote Iran’s upstream oil sector.

Anderson told Shana that Iran can use advanced technology to benefit from its oil and gas sources and enhance recovery.

A Member of the Board of Diretors of Wintershall, Martin Beckman, in an article to the IEPC 2016 highlighted benefits of international companies’ cooperation with Iranian companies, including educated population and extensive oil and gas reserves, and said all should try to promote Iranian industry.

Beckman hoped for expansion of Tehran-Berlin ties and said Iran is in dire need of investment and technology for the sake of EOR.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Head of Petrochina, Leo Gongshon, said his company is ready to help Iran with EOR within framework of the new model of oil contracts.

Gongshon said the new model of oil contracts is an opportunity for international companies to upgrade cooperation with Iranian oil industry.

He asked extension of the period of new model of contracts and said Iran should be more flexible in oil contracts to encourage international companies to cooperate with it.

He noted that EOR and IOR are technologies needed for enhanced oil recovery in Iran.

(Source: Shana)

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