Bank Melli provides Funding for 15 Major Projects

Since the 11th government took office, Bank Melli Iran has provided facilities for 15 major economic projects in order to support production and employment in the country.

The projects have been in various sectors such as industrial, petrochemical, cement, medicine, steel, food industry and so on.

Among the major companies recently launched are Gohar Doroud Food Industry in Lorestan province and East and Power Arya Transfo in Semnan province.

Major companies benefitting from the macro facilities of Bank Melli Iran since the government took office include:

  • East and Power Arya Transfo (the production of transformers);
  • Gohar Lorestan (food industry);
  • Gilan Steel Complex (producer of steel);
  • Mammoth (construction of container trucks);
  • Bnagstr Karaneh (fueling of ships);
  • Zrmakaron (producer of pasta);
  • Mahabad and Lorestan petrochemical industries (petrochemical production);
  • Bagheran cement (cement production);
  • Sepehr cement (cement production);
  • Rayhan Aria medicine (construction of Trita hospital complex);
  • Pasargada Seram Abade (tole production); and,
  • Shams-e Anzali industrial complexe (production of iron).

In this year, Bank Melli has taken extensive measures to revive and create industrial  and manufacturing units in the country, paying facilities worth 920 billion tomans to 2006 SMEs.

Until the end of Tir (21st August) this year, Bank Melli Iran paid 22,270 working capital facilities worth about 2,300 billion tomans to support production and employment.

(Source: MEFA)

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