Iran Khodro to enter Russian Market

On the side line of the international car show in Moscow, 12 Russian dealerships in different cities expressed their readiness to sell Iran Khodro (IKCO) cars in the Russian market.

According to these dealerships, the positive image of the IKCO Samand has paved the way for the market demand for IKCO cars.

The attempt to produce sedans as Dena, Runna, Soren and equipping them with the required fuel technology that meets Euro 5 standard plus other quality considerations and renovation in the production process are some of the measures adopted by IKCO to boost its presence in the Russian market.

IKCO is now studying Russian market to prepare for getting required standards in the next month and choosing the local IKCO dealerships.

It is estimated 1000 sets of IKCO sedans including Dena, Runna and Soren (turbocharged) to be dispatched to this market in the first year.

(Source: IKCO)

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