Italtel to support Operators in Iran

By John Lee.

Italtel has announced that it will concentrate on building up ultra-fast Internet wideband infrastructures in Iran, so that essential services such as health and education can be improved.

Iran is one of the fastest growing economies of the Middle East following the removal of the economic sanctions at the beginning of 2016. As a result, many international operators and technology vendors, including Italtel, are looking to take advantage of the growth and development opportunities.

CEO Stefano Pileri said health, transport and education would be the sectors which would reap the most benefit for operators and Iran citizens.

“Italtel is looking to contribute to the development of Iran through technology and innovative solutions.

“Transforming existing networks and installing ultra-fast wideband infrastructures needs to be a top priority to ensure that people living in Iran truly benefit from Internet technology and vital services can be developed.”

In April 2016, the company also took part in Italy’s official mission to Tehran, with Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi leading the delegation which included top Italian companies. Several bilateral agreements were signed in a number of sectors during the two-day visit.

(Source: Italtel)

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