Finland, Iran sign MoU on Healthcare Cooperation

Finland’s Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Juha Rehula met Iran’s Minister of Health and Medical Education Seyed Hassan Hashem in Helsinki on Tuesday.

During his two-day visit, the Iranian Minister will learn about Finland’s healthcare system. The Iranian delegation is particularly interested in preventive healthcare, cancer treatments, dental health and the high-level of health technology in Finland.

In Iran, the Finnish healthcare system is held as an example, and the Iranians are interested in cooperation regarding, for example, the prevention of chronic diseases.

At the moment, Iran is a fast-growing market area. The population of the country is also increasing rapidly, which creates pressures to develop the public health sector. There is great demand for, among other things, medicinal substances, equipment and the newest technologies in the field. This high-level ministerial visit will open doors for Finnish companies to the healthcare market in Iran.

Finnish companies are able to offer health technologies and know-how to Iran. The healthcare services in Iran are excellent and comprehensive. The country has high-level expertise in the production of medicines and vaccines and in medical research. Also health tourism is increasing. Thousands of health tourists use Iranian health services annually.

In connection with the visit, the Ministers will sign a memorandum of cooperation in the healthcare sector between Finland and Iran.

(Sources: Finland’s Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services, Iran’s Minister of Health and Medical Education)

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