Tehran-Isfahan Railway to be Built in 3 Yrs

The managing director of the Iranian Railway Company (RAJA) announced that the country plans to construct an express railway from the capital Tehran to the central city of Isfahan in three years.

RAJA should take steps to construct express railways for short routes to encourage people to use rail transportation, Mohsen Pourseyed Aghaei said on Sunday.

In line with this policy, a line of credit has been opened for the Tehran-Isfahan railway project, he added, saying that the railway will be inaugurated in three years.

The deputy minister also emphasized that efforts are underway to turn 2000 kilometers of the country’s railway network into double-track railway.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s administration, which took the office in August 2013, has ramped up efforts to boost the country’s railway industry.

Pourseyed Aghaei had earlier announced plans for electrifying Tehran-Mashhad line, which stretches some 900 kilometers, saying it would allow for faster trains, save energy and increase the number of train passengers to 32 million people a year.

Once completed, the rail route could accommodate electric trains running at 200 km per hour, traveling between the two cities in 6 hours.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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