Kurdistan Petchem Plant Operational Soon

The Managing Director of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Marziyeh Shahdaei says Kurdistan Petrochemical Plant will become operational in the near future, adding the project will be beneficial to value chain completion in the petrochemical industry of the region.

During a one-day visit to a number of petrochemical facilities in western Iran, Shahdaei said Kurdistan Petrochemical Plant will presently begin its feedstock intake from the West Ethylene Pipeline.

The plant is being developed for production of 300,000 tons of light density polyethylene per year.

Marziyeh Shahdaei, who is also deputy petroleum minister in petrochemical affairs, described the project as a major petrochemical project in western Iran that wields a major role in industrial development and job creation in the region.

Financed by €253m, the plant is one of the 12 petrochemical facilities that are to be fed by West Ethylene Pipeline in western Iran.

(Source: Shana)

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