US Allows Unimpeded Foreign Flights to Iran

By John Lee.

The United States has clarified that it will allow foreign carriers to fly to Iran without fear of violating U.S. sanctions.

According to a report from WSJ, sanctions regulations barred U.S.-origin aircraft, even if operated by foreign carriers, from landing in Iran unless the carrier got a specific license for that flight: “Each flight, under the U.S. export controls rules, is considered a temporary re-export.”

It quotes Douglas Jacobson, a partner at Jacobson Burton Kelley PLLC, as saying:

“All these aircraft that have been flying to Iran for years have [technically] been in violation of the Iran transaction regulations, but they [Treasury] were never enforcing it.”

The new licence allows “temporary sojourns” into Iran by “eligible aircraft” for no more than 72 hours. The aircraft making the trip can carry spare parts, so long as they’re only for the maintenance of that aircraft.

The full text of the announcement can be read here.

(Sources: WSJ, US Treasury Dept)

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