Fed up with Talk, Iranians semand Action on jobs

Labor market commentators such as Faramarz Tofiqi believe that the Rouhani administration has not translated its words into action, and that there has been no positive change in the labor market. Tofiqi told Fars News Agency on June 8 that “immediate decisions to pull the country out of the current economic crisis and paying workers what they deserve are some of ways to tackle unemployment.”

Government measures

As part of its efforts to boost job creation, the Rouhani administration has allocated more than $4.5 billion to revive 7,500 stagnant and semi-active production units across the country during the current Iranian year. Meanwhile, the administration is working to make sure that 500,000 positions are maintained this year, while expanding cooperation at the international level to take on unemployment.

In addition, the administration has unveiled a national plan that seeks inclusive job creation and aims to promote economic and social justice. Deputy Minister of Labor, Cooperation and Welfare Isa Mansouri has said that the Supreme Council of Employment is focusing its policies on macro-level plans that synchronize economic growth with job creation and poverty alleviation.

These plans include two packages. According to Mansouri, the first package was implemented last year in small towns. Under this plan, unskilled labor entered the job market after technical training, while those already employed improved their skill set to continue in their positions. The second package focuses on, among other things, localization — promoting the top 20 activities that account for 80% of total employment in each province — rather than mere allocation of money to job creation.

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