Revolutionary Computer Game faces Crackdown in Iran

A number of artists in Iran also helped with the development of “Black Friday.” Khonsari said, “Out of concern for their safety, they felt pressured to leave the country and did so because of the work on the project.”

Once word about the game got out, Iranian hard-line newspaper Kayhan called it anti-Iranian. Shortly afterward, the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) banned “Black Friday” and even raided video game stores in Tehran and other cities. NFCG director Hassan Karimi also condemned the game as anti-Iranian, saying, “Games like this can poison the minds of the youth and young adults about their country by means of false and distorted information, and also damage their spirits.”

Still, Khonsari hopes “Black Friday” will initiate dialogue. “This is a game that should be experienced by Iranians, for no other reason than to see what someone else tells of this narrative and also so they can [potentially] disagree with it.” He added, “If you don’t like what you’re playing and you feel it is false, then start a conversation.”

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