Iran Air Flights to Europe “Use Only Airbus Planes”

Iranian national carrier Iran Air dismissed media reports that the European Union (EU) is keeping its restrictions on the airline’s flights to Europe by Boeing 747 and Fokker 100, saying that Iran Air has never operated flights to Europe by these planes.

“Iran Air uses Airbus fleet for its flights to European countries and this type of airplane meets Iran Air’s needs,” the airline’s Spokesman Shahrokh Noshabadi told the Tasnim News Agency.

He further emphasized that it would not be economical for Iran Air to use its Fokker 100s for flights to Europe, adding that all the flights are operated by Airbus 340s and 310s.

On Thursday, the European Commission announced that it will allow the airline to once again fly into European airspace.

However, in a Saturday report, Business Insider said that even with the EC’s announcement, the airline’s Boeing 747s and Fokker 100s are still considered too unsafe to be allowed to fly over Europe.

The latest EU announcement comes after eight European commissioners traveled to Tehran back in April to look at ways to boost ties between Iran and the union following last year’s nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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