Rouhani targets Iran’s Conservative Media

Shariatmadari has been the editor of Kayhan for over 20 years. His reported access to powerful institutions in the country and the wide dissemination of his paper to government buildings affords him access and clout very few conservative papers, let alone Reformist outlets, enjoy. The paper, which has faced these types of complaints before, views the move by the administration as a means to apply “extreme pressure” on it. Kayhan wrote that rather than taking it to court, the president should respond to the issues raised in the articles.

In a more surprising move, the Press Supervisory Board, which operates under the administration’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, suspended the conservative website Jahan News. The June 15 statement on the ministry’s website did not give a reason for the suspension. Some media outlets speculated part of the reason for the suspension was that the site belongs to former conservative Iranian parliamentarian Alireza Zakani, who had opposed the nuclear deal in the previous parliament.

Rooz-e No website reported that the suspension was over two articles that recently appeared on Jahan. One article was a Jahan report claiming that European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini sent Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a “confidential letter” stating that Iran’s banking issues were its own problem and not related to the nuclear deal. Therefore, Mogherini wrote, according to Jahan, that none of the countries involved in the nuclear deal would take further steps regarding the issue. Iran’s Foreign Ministry denied the letter.

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