Why many Iranians are feeling the Bern

Al-Monitor asked Shams whether Sanders’ supporters in Iran are realistic about what they can achieve.

“Of course I know that as an Iranian journalist living in Iran, my support for Bernie Sanders has no bearing on the outcome of the US election. We do not have any illusions in this regard. However, introducing Bernie Sanders to Iranian readers is certainly a positive thing to do. We cannot remain indifferent to a campaign that has sparked the interest of millions of Americans. There are Iranians who have US citizenship and thus the right to vote in the US election. Although their number is not large enough to have any meaningful impact on the election, they can play a more active role in Sanders’ campaign,” he said.

Shams also brought up the American Studies Program of Tehran University, saying, “At Tehran University, the United States’ political developments are being academically studied. In addition, there are research centers and institutes that are monitoring the election process. A while back, at a convention in Iran called ‘Branding the Elections,’ Donald Trump’s campaign model was studied.”

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