Why many Iranians are feeling the Bern

Abdi added, “Sanders is the best option for the Iranian-American community and the immigrant population in general. Sanders has a much better position toward Iran. He is less of a warmonger. He has been fighting for freedom and justice for the past 40 years. A person with such a vision can capture the interest of the immigrant population. It is this vision that engages Iranians’ interest and draws them toward Sanders.”

Among the Persian-language materials of the Sanders campaign is a poster with the slogan “A Future to Believe in” in Persian. Prior to the June 7 California Democratic primary, 3,000 Iranians residing in California were invited to a Facebook event encouraging them to vote for Sanders.

Karim Yavari is a leftist student activist in Tehran who supports Sanders. Al-Monitor asked him whether he backs Sanders because he sees similarities between the Democratic hopeful and the head of Iran’s Green Movement, Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has been under house arrest since 2011, and whether the Sanders campaign is similar to the Green Movement.

“Sanders’ campaign managed to attract millions of youths in a period of only a few months. He shares many similarities with Mousavi, and therefore we are interested in his campaign and his plans. He talks about people’s social and economic demands in one of the most advanced societies in the world. His campaign showed the democratic, fresh and happy side of socialism as opposed to the angry, undemocratic and brutal images that have been associated with socialism in the past.”

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