Iran Claims Historic Deal to buy Boeing Planes

By John Lee.

Iran’s Minister for Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhoundi (pictured), told the FARS news agency that Iran has reached a deal to buy passenger aircraft from U.S. plane maker Boeing.

The New York Times says that such an agreement would potentially be worth many billions of dollars to Boeing, and be the most important commercial transaction between an American company and Iran since the lifting of sanctions.

It also would send a strong signal that Iran and the United States, despite decades of antipathy, might be moving toward normalized ties.

A spokesperson for Boeing told CNN on Tuesday that the company has been in discussions with Iranian airlines about “potential purchases of Boeing commercial passenger airplanes and services” but declined to provide details of “ongoing conversations.

Our standard practice is to let customers announce any agreements that are reached,” the plane maker said. It cautioned that any deals would be “contingent on U.S. government approval.

(Sources: CNN, NY Times, FARS, USA Today)

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