POGC issues Tender for Jack-Up Barge

Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC), a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), hereby intends to use the following services by Tender through a qualified Contractor:

1. Subject of Tender and Duration:
Hiring a complex of an Accommodation Jack Up barge with 150 Company’s personnel capacity &minimum legs of 400 feet accompany by a Platform Supply Vessel, for Three (3) years including fresh water, fuel and Management in South Pars Gas Field, Persian Gulf.

2. The Company Cost Estimation: Fifty Six millions Eight hundred and Ninety Five thousand and One hundred and Five (56,895,105) Euros for 3 years

3. Bid Bond: for foreign bidders, Six hundred and Sixty Six thousands and Two hundred and Fifty Two (666,252) Euros. Only for Iranian Companies it is possible also to submit the equivalent amount of Bid Bond in Iranian Rials with the exchange rate of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) at the issuance date.

4. Distribution time of Tender Documents: Qualified Tenderers are invited to receive the Tender documents within maximum Seven (7) days from the third public announcement through the following web address: lac.pogc.ir/NEWCTDS URL

Otherwise please refer to the following address:

Pars Oil & Gas Company
No. 1, ParvinEtesami Ave., Fatemi St. Tehran, Iran.
Legal and Contracts Department
Tel.: +98 21 8898 9232
Fax.: +98 21 8898 9231

5. Return date of Tender Documents: The deadline to return the Tender Documents shall be 14 days from the last date of distribution.

(Source: Pars Oil and Gas Company)

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