Multi-$billion LNG Investment Negotiations start

By John Lee.

The National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) has reportedly entered discussions with six companies to secure the multi-billion dollar investment needed to complete the 10.5 mtpa Iran LNG plant.

Ali Amirani, NIGEC’s director for marketing, sales and economic surveys, told Interfax Natural Gas Daily that two European and four Asian companies have expressed interest in investing in the project, with Iran hoping to secure a partner or consortium of partners within the next three or four months.

International investors will get an 80 percent stake in the project. Iran expects the stake will be shared – possibly between an Asian and a European company, Amirani added.

NIGEC claims around $3 billion has already been spent on the facility, and another $6-7 billion is needed to complete it.

(Source: Interfax Natural Gas Daily)

(Picture: Alireza Kameli, MD of National Iranian Gas Export Company)

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