The Downfall of two Iranian Tycoons

Asked about one picture of the senior Zarrab next to an official of Ahmadinejad’s government, Soltani told Al-Monitor, “I haven’t reached a conclusion on Zarrab’s father’s relationship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

Moreover, when challenged about the Turkish government’s position on Zanjani’s case, Soltani said, “The Turkish government supported Babak Zanjani and Reza Zarrab. We also saw how the Turkish court exonerated Zarrab with the help of the ruling system.”

In response to why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not come to Zarrab’s aid, Soltani said, “How do you know that Erdogan hasn’t helped Zarrab? They don’t publicize these issues.”

Asked if Iran has asked the US government to extradite Zarrab to Iran, Soltani said, “Iran hasn’t requested this, but I’m sure [the Americans] would say their Supreme Court is independent, and that they can’t interfere. Thus, I believe it is really unlikely that they will help.”

Soltani added, “If Iranian officials had decided to investigate Zarrab sooner, the riddle of Zanjani would have been definitely solved by now. He seized the opportunity to distance himself from the hanging rope.”

Soltani concluded, “If the US cooperates with Iran, the loose end of Zanjani’s case will be tied. Zarrab is the key to [solving] this problem.”

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