Switzerland Eager to Invest in Iran

A Swiss delegation visited the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran (SEO) with the aim of getting familiar with Iran’s capital market.

The group reviewed the diversified investment opportunities created in the post-sanctions era, expressing hope that investment opportunities in Iran’s capital market can be expanded more.

Iranian officials explained the present state of the capital market, describing the process of attracting new foreign investment in the Securities and Exchange Organization.

At the meeting, attended by senior and managing directors of the banks, capital market, transportation, agriculture and tourism sections, legal norms of the capital market, technical and technological structure, method of foreign investment as well as the processes and position of the capital market in the region were explained.

Since the implementation of JCPOA, the volume of investments by foreign companies has been increased. As the statistics show foreign investors’ participations have significantly risen in the last two months of 1394 so that the value of transactions grew 12-fold to 511 billion riyals.

(Source: CBI)

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